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Community modules

Core neurons and signals are already packaged with the installation of kalliope an can be used out of the box. Community modules need to be installed manually.

Note: To install a community module, you must declare your resource_directory in your settings.

Note: After installing a community module, you need tu update your brain to use it

Install a community module

Install via Kalliope CLI

kalliope install --git-url <git_url>


kalliope install --git-url

You may be prompted to type your sudo password during the process.

You can also install a module manually. Fist, clone the repo in the right resource folder.

cd /path/to/resource_folder
git clone <plugin_url>

Then install it manually via Ansible (Ansible has been installed with kalliope)

cd <cloned_repo>
ansible-playbook install.yml -K


cd /home/me/my_kalliope_config/resources/neurons
git clone
cd hue
ansible-playbook install.yml -K

Uninstall a community module

CLI syntax

kalliope uninstall --neuron-name <neuron_name>
kalliope uninstall --tts-name <tts_name>
kalliope uninstall --trigger-name <trigger_name>
kalliope uninstall --ignal-name <signal_name>


kalliope uninstall --neuron-name hue

List of community modules