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This module is based on the self hosted STT solution CMUSPhinx engine. By default, only english language is available. You can download another language model from the main repository and install it following the official documentation.


Install packages

sudo apt-get install swig libpulse-dev

Then install the python lib

sudo pip3 install pocketsphinx

Input parameters

parameter required type default choices comment
language no string en-US Installing other languages
keyword_entries no list List of tuples of the form (keyword, sensitivity), where keyword is a phrase, and sensitivity is how sensitive to this phrase the recognizer should be
grammar_file no string FSG or JSGF grammars file path. Note: If keyword_entries are passed, grammar_file will be ignored

Settings example

default_speech_to_text: "cmusphinx"

  - cmusphinx:
      language: "en-US"

Using keywords

Sphinx usually operates in 'transcription mode' and will return whatever words it recognizes. Adding keyword_entries to the settings narrows down its search space and is more accurate than just looking for those same keywords in non-keyword-based transcriptions, because Sphinx knows specifically what sounds to look for. The parameter keyword_entries expects a list of tuples consisting of a phrase and a sensitivity level defining how sensitive to this phrase the recognizer should be, on a scale from 0 (very insensitive, more false negatives) to 1 (very sensitive, more false positives).

default_speech_to_text: "cmusphinx"

  - cmusphinx:
      language: "en-US"
        - ["hello", 0.8]
        - ["stop the music", 0.6]