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This Player is based on the alsa engine

Input parameters

parameter required default choices comment
device no "default" Select the device to use for alsa
convert_to_wav no TRUE True, False Convert the generated file from the TTS into wav before reading

Settings example

Here is n example of configuration you would use if your TTS was acapela. As this TTS generate an MP3 file, this last need to be converted into wav.

default_player: "pyalsaaudio"

  - pyalsaaudio:
     device: "default"
     convert_to_wav: True


Note: Define the default card to use in the device parameter. For example, on a Raspberry Pi, the default card can be sysdefault:CARD=ALSA

Note: This Player does not handle mp3 format, converting mp3 to wav might be required if the selected TTS engine generate mp3 file.