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Geolocation is a way to launch a synapse when ENTERING a geolocated zone.

As Kalliope does not manage its own geolocation, this signal has been designed in view to be implemented from external clients (smartphones, watches, embedded devices, etc).

The syntax of a geolocation declaration in a synapse is the following.

    - geolocation:
          latitude: "46.204391"
          longitude: "6.143158"
          radius: "10000"

For example, if we want Kalliope to run the synapse when entering in Geneva

- geolocation:
      latitude: "46.204391"
      longitude: "6.143158"
      radius: "1000"

Input parameters

Parameters are keyword you can use to build your geolocation

List of available parameter:

parameter required default choices comment
latitude yes 46.204391
longitude yes 6.143158
radius yes 1 (meters)

Synapses example

Geolocation clock radio

Let's make a complete example. We want to Kalliope to : - welcome when coming back home - Play our favourite web radio

The synapse in the brain would be:

  - name: "geolocation-welcome-radio"
      - geolocation:
            latitude: "46.204391"
            longitude: "6.143158"
            radius: "10"
      - say:
            - "Welcome Home!"
      - shell:
          cmd: "mplayer"
          async: True

After setting up a geolocation signal, you must restart Kalliope

python start

If the syntax is NOT ok, Kalliope will raise an error and log a message:

[Geolocation] The signal is missing mandatory parameters, check documentation


Note: this feature is supported by the Kalliope official smartphone application.