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dna.yml file

The dna file is the descriptor of your module. This file has a yaml syntax and must be present to allow Kalliope to install it from the CLI.

DNA parameters

parameter type required choices comment
name string yes Lowercase. It will be the name of the folder installed in ressources_dir for the target type of resource
type string yes neuron, stt, tts The type of resource. This will be used by Kalliope install process to place the resource in the right directory set in resources_dir
author string no String that contain info about the author of the modul like a name or a github profile page
kalliope_supported_version list yes 0.4 list of kalliope MAJOR version the module support. E.g - 0.4
tags list no list of tags that can help to categorize the module. E.g: "email", "social network", "search engine"

DNA file examples

A dna file for a neuron

name: "wikipedia_searcher"
type: "neuron"
author: "The dream team of Kalliope project"

  - 0.5

  - "search engine"
  - "wiki"