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You can create your magic word by connecting to Snowboy and then download the trained model file.

Once downloaded, place the file in your personal config folder and configure snowboy in your your settings following the table bellow

parameter required type default choices comment
pmdl_file TRUE string Path to the snowboy model file. The path can be absolute or relative to the brain file
sensitivity FALSE string 0.5 between 0 and 1 Increasing the sensitivity value lead to better detection rate, but also higher false alarm rate

Example settings

# This is the trigger engine that will catch your magic work to wake up Kalliope. Only Snowboy is available so far
default_trigger: "snowboy"

# Trigger engine configuration
  - snowboy:
      pmdl_file: "trigger/snowboy/resources/kalliope-FR-40samples.pmdl"

Available Snowboy models

If you want to keep "Kalliope" as the name of your bot, we recommend you to enhance the existing Snowboy model for your language.

We will update the following list with all Kalliope model created by the community. If the model doesn't exist, please create one with the following syntax:




Then, open an issue or create a pull request to add the model to the list bellow.

Important note: Do not enhance a model in the wrong language. Check the pronunciation before recording your voice!

Name language Pronounced
kalliope-FR French Ka-lio-pé
kalliope-EN English kə-LIE-ə-pee
kalliope-RU Russian каллиопа
kalliope-DE German Ka-lio-pe
kalliope-IT Italian Ka-lljo-pe