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An event is a way to schedule the launching of a synapse periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals.

The event system is based on APScheduler which it is itself based on Linux crontab. When you declare an event in the signal, Kalliope will schedule the launching of the target synapse.

The syntax of an event declaration in a synapse is the following

  - event:
      parameter1: "value1"
      parameter2: "value2"

For example, if we want Kalliope to run the synapse every day a 8:30, the event will be declared like this:

- event:
    hour: "8"
    minute: "30"

Input parameters

List of available parameter:

parameter required default choices comment
year no * 4 digit E.g: 2016
month no * month (1-12)
day no * day of the (1-31)
week no * ISO week (1-53)
day_of_week no * number or name of weekday (0-6 or mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun) 6=Sunday
hour no * hour (0-23)
minute no * minute (0-59)
second no * second (0-59)

Note: You must set at least one parameter from the list of parameter

Expressions can be used in value of each parameter. Multiple expression can be given in a single field, separated by commas.

Expression Field Description
* any Fire on every value
*/a any Fire every a values, starting from the minimum
a-b any Fire on any value within the a-b range (a must be smaller than b)
a-b/c any Fire every c values within the a-b range
xrd y day Fire on the x -rd occurrence of weekday y within the month
last x day Fire on the last occurrence of weekday x within the month
last x day Fire on the last day within the month
x,y,z day Fire on any matching expression; can combine any number of any of the above expressions

Synapses example

Web clock radio

Let's make a complete example. We want Kalliope to wake us up each morning of working day (Monday to friday) at 7:30 AM and: - Wish us good morning - Give us the time - Play our favourite web radio

The synapse in the brain would be

  - name: "wake-up"
      - event:
          hour: "7"
          minute: "30"
          day_of_week: "1,2,3,4,5"
      - say:
            - "Good morning"
      - systemdate:
            - "It is {{ hours }} hours and {{ minutes }} minutes"
      - shell:
          cmd: "mplayer"
          async: True

After setting up an event, you must restart Kalliope

python start

If the syntax is ok, Kalliope will show you each synapse that it has loaded in the crontab

Add synapse name "wake-up" to the scheduler: cron[day_of_week='1,2,3,4,5', hour='7', minute='30']
Event loaded

That's it, the synapse is now scheduled and will be started automatically.

Make Kalliope say something on the third Friday of June, July, August, November and December at 00:00, 01:00, 02:00 and 03:00

- name: "wake-up"
    - event:
        day: "3rd fri"
        month: "6-8,11-12"
        hour: "0-3"
    - say:
          - "This is a schedulled sentence"