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This TTS is based on the IBM Watson engine.


You need to create an account and then a project to get a location and an apikey.

Once you project created, you should see your credentials like the following

  "url": "",
  "apikey": "myRANDOMAPIKEY"

Input parameters

Parameters Required Default Choices Comment
apikey yes apikey provided by IAM
location no LONDON endpoint location
voice yes See voice table below Code that define the voice used for the synthesis
pitch no medium See accepted values here Modifies the baseline pitch for the text
rate no medium See accepted values here Change the speaking rate for the text

Voice code

Voice code that can be used in the voice flag of your configuration

Languages Code Gender
German de-DE_BirgitVoice Female
German de-DE_BirgitV3Voice Female
German de-DE_DieterVoice Male
German de-DE_DieterV3Voice Male
German de-DE_ErikaV3Voice Female
UK English en-GB_CharlotteV3Voice Female
UK English en-GB_JamesV3Voice Male
UK English en-GB_KateVoice Female
UK English en-GB_KateV3Voice Female
US English en-US_AllisonVoice Female
US English en-US_AllisonV3Voice Female
US English en-US_EmilyV3Voice Female
US English en-US_HenryV3Voice Male
US English en-US_KevinV3Voice Male
US English en-US_LisaVoice Female
US English en-US_LisaV3Voice Female
US English en-US_MichaelVoice (the default) Male
US English en-US_MichaelV3Voice Male
US English en-US_OliviaV3Voice Female
Castilian Spanish es-ES_EnriqueVoice Male
Castilian Spanish es-ES_EnriqueV3Voice Male
Castilian Spanish es-ES_LauraVoice Female
Castilian Spanish es-ES_LauraV3Voice Female
Latin American Spanish es-LA_SofiaVoice Female
Latin American Spanish es-LA_SofiaV3Voice Female
North American Spanish es-US_SofiaVoice Female
North American Spanish es-US_SofiaV3Voice Female
French fr-FR_NicolasV3Voice Male
French fr-FR_ReneeVoice Female
French fr-FR_ReneeV3Voice Female
Italian it-IT_FrancescaVoice Female
Italian it-IT_FrancescaV3Voice Female
Japanese ja-JP_EmiVoice Female
Japanese ja-JP_EmiV3Voice Female
Brazilian Portuguese pt-BR_IsabelaVoice Female
Brazilian Portuguese pt-BR_IsabelaV3Voice Female

Settings example

default_text_to_speech: "watson"

  - watson:
      apikey: "MyRANDOMAPIKEY"
      voice: "fr-FR_ReneeVoice"
      location: ""
      pitch: "+3st"
      rate: "+10%"


This TTS engine is free for less than 10,000 Characters per Month.