A neuron is a plugin that performs a specific action.
Neurons are executed one by one when the input signal is triggered.
You can add as many neurons as you want to a synapse.

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Core neurons

Core neurons are included with the default installation of Kalliope.

Logo Neuron name Description Doc Examples
Ansible Playbook Run an ansible playbook
Brain Enable or disable synapses from the brain
Debug Print a message in the console
Kill switch Stop Kalliope process
mqtt_publisher Push a message to a MQTT broker server
Neurotimer Run a synapse after a delay
Neurotransmitter Link synapses together
Say Make Kalliope talk by using TTS
Script Run an executable script
Settings Manage / Update / Add settings entries of Kalliope
Shell Run a shell command
Signals Send a message to all signals launched in Kalliope to update their behavior
Sleep Make Kalliope sleep for a while before continuing
Systemdate Give the local system date and time
URI Interacts with HTTP and HTTPS web services

Community neurons

Community neurons can be installed to complete your collection. See the neuron installation documentation.
Wanna add your own neuron in this list? Fork this project page and send us a pull request !. See the readme for more information.

Logo Neuron name Description Doc Examples
Ambient_sound Background sounds for focusing or create a relaxing ambiance.
Answer of everything Ask questions and get answers from Wolfram Alpha, DuckDuckGo and google
Arithmetics A quiz for simple calculation tasks
Calculator Calculate simple operations
Cryptocurrency Get cryptocurrency price in other currency
Dht_sensor Get temperature and humidity from DHT series of humidity and temperature sensors.
Domoticz Integration with Domoticz home automation system
Facebook Post and Read message on Facebook
Gif Maker A funny way to make Gif
Gmail Get the number of unread email and their subjects from a gmail account
Google keep Create and get your lists from google keep
Google_agenda Get your next meetings on google calendar
Gmaps Get address / distance / time / directions from Google maps
Gpio Control the Gpios of your Raspberry including the 1-wire bus
HUE Control the Philips Hue lighting system
Kodi Control Kodi
LoxSControl Control Loxone home automation system
List_available_orders Let kalliope tell you how she can help
Magic_mirror Control your Magic Mirror from Kalliope
Movie_DB Query Movie DB about movies, actor, director, ...
MPD Play music via an MPD server
NordVpn Manage NordVPN
Onkyo Control your Onkyo via eISCP
Openweathermap Get the weather of a location
Pi camera Take picture with your picamera
Pushetta Send a push message to a remote device like Android/iOS/Windows Phone or Chrome browser
Quotes Get a random quotes from an online collection of quotations by authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.
Recorder Record and playback a wave
Repeat Make Kalliope say whatever you want
RSS_reader Get rss feed from website
Slack Post and Read message on Slack
Snapcast Manage Snapcast Clients
Sony Bravia Pro monitor Control a Sony Bravia Pro monitor from Kalliope
System status Get info about the system (cpu, memory, …)
Tasker Send a message to Android tasker app
Todotxt Manage a todo list (based on self hosted todotxt app) via Kalliope
Translate Translate sentence with google API
TwitchTv Ask Kalliope who of your favorite players are streaming now.
Twitter Send a Tweet from kalliope
Uber Get time and price estimation for a uber ride
Wake on LAN Wake on lan a computer
Web_scraper Read web pages that don't provide RSS feed or APIs (by scraping html)
Wikipedia Search for a page on Wikipedia
Wwtime Get time of any place in the world